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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blog Assignment #2

Mr. Dancelot

   In the movie clip "Mr. Dancelot" ,the teacher tries to teach his students how to dance but he does not let them get involved. It is harder to learn something without being able to participate. Also, it is more likely to stick with you if you learn by hands on. Just memorizing something may be an easier way to learn but it will not stick with you. If you are taught something, showed how to do it, and then are required to do it, it is more likely to stay with you. The students in Mr. Dancelot's class took notes but they could not see his feet while he was showing them how to dance, and he would not let the students practice the moves. When it came time for the final exam, the notes did not help the students. I agree that if students are properly showed something and made to do it themselves, then they are more likely to understand what they are learning. I can remember learning History, Language Arts, and Science while growing up. I even memorized a lot of the information but I had to relearn all of it recently to take my Praxis exams. Math is one subject where the more you do it the easy it becomes. I remembered how do do some Math problems just because I worked the problems out so much when I was in school.

Mr. Dancelot

Teaching in the 21st Century

    In the post by Kevin Roberts (made into a video by Dr. John Strange), Roberts thinks that teaching in the 21st Century has changed so much. A student can find any information on the internet. With this being the case, why would students need teachers? Students would need teachers to help them learn if the information is reliable, to help them problem solve, to interpret the information, and so much more. Teachers are not there just to give information. They do so much more. Most of the teachers I had in school cared whether or not I succeeded. They made me think for myself. They were there to cheer me on and encourage me when I needed it. You cannot get that from the internet. Roberts stated that "entertainment is using the creativity of others and engagement is using the creativity of the participant", that is a great way to look at it. You can use the computer to find out anything but that does not make you think for yourself. I do believe that computers have a place in education but teachers are still so important. Children still need that person cheering them on and holding them accountable for their actions. I think it is important for teachers to stay up to date with media outlets because they are great tools to help in teaching. However, I still believe that the teacher is still the best tool for learning.

The Networked Student  

Networked Student

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts   

Flipping Your Classroom

In the video "Flipping Your Classroom", I learned about new ways in teaching. Back when I was in elementary and high school, the teachers wrote on chalk boards or overhead projectors.Teaching has come a long way since those days. I found the 'Flipping the Classroom'  approach to teaching very interesting. I like that the students could also learn at home and being able to move forward in lessons more quickly. However, there may be a problem for those students that do not have access or the means to watch these videos. If the equipment will be provided to every student, I would love to use this approach to teaching in my classroom. This may also get more parents involved in their children's education. 

Flipping the Classroom


  1. I have learned a lot just in 20-30 minutes by reading over your Blog. You definitely have a great grasp on your thoughts and goals. I feel very confident on saying that you will make a great teacher in the near future. I really look forward to reading more of your posts because you have a great way of stating your points that you are making from the coursework.

  2. Thank You Douglas Sharpe! That is very nice. I hope I do not let you down.

  3. "I agree that if students are properly showed something…" shown, not showed

    "However, there may be a problem for those students that do not have access or the means to watch these videos. If the equipment will be provided to every student, I would love to use this approach to teaching in my classroom." Baldwin County is doing it. When will Mobile County?

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  4. Overall, great job on your post.

    One of the requirements is to have working links in every post. Please add these to your posts.

    Also, your title modifier looks good, but the source should not be unknown. If you got the picture off the internet or google the source should be known. You may have to follow the picture to find the source, but there is a source. If you need help doing this let one of the lab assistants know and we will be happy to help.

  5. You can search for "html hyperlink codes" to create clickable links for your post or you can use the directions in the instruction manual.