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Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

        When editing a classmate's Blog it is important to remember that our Blogs will be edited too. When editing a peer's writings be respectful in how you choose to criticize their writings. Always start by looking for the good in the Blog and comment on that. If you start off good maybe they will be more willing to listen to your advice. Be careful how you say things and stay positive.
        You can give suggestions on how they could make something better without being mean. Be specific in the suggestions you make. You are trying to help the classmate be the best writer/blogger they can be.
When making suggestions look for word choice, details, organization, and make sure the main points stay on topic. Did the author use interesting words? Will they capture the reader's attention? Are the details catching your attention? Is the author clear in what they are trying to say? Does each idea stay with the topic? Does it make sense? Remember to stay positive and complement.
        Also, while correcting look for punctuation errors, grammatical errors, sentence structure, and spelling. When you are editing someone's Blog, make that your main priority. You would not want someone to rush through your post or be preoccupied with something else while correcting your Blog. Be fair and remember to remain positive.
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  1. Melissa, You and I share views on critiques should be given in the most positive manner possible. It is very important to help the person being reviewed by helping them correct their writing whether it be pointing out punctuation, spelling, organization, or grammar. You did a great job writing this blog!

  2. "Do not say anything you would not want anyone to say to you." The negative rule confuses me. Isn't it more important too encourage your readers to provide help in improving what you have to say. Maybe you meant something like When providing criticism do it in a manner that you would like to receive criticism.