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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blog Post #7

Math Blaster is a site that is completely safe for children. It has math games for kids to play or different math worksheets for teachers to provide for their students. Parents have to sign up for their children to access the page and conversations are monitored. There are resources for all grade levels. This would be fun for the students and it is something they can do in their free time and learn as well. The students can also chat with each other through a safe environment.

Math Blaster

For this website you find the grade you need and it will give you a list of everything that grade learns in Math and Language Arts. This site keeps students engaged in interactive games and exercises but it also keeps teachers and parents involved. This site is equipped for all learning styles.

Quia is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. This site provides templates for creating online activities. It is also designed to help students with all learning styles. It helps teachers to create quizzes and helps grade them with computer assistance. Teachers can also get detailed reports on each student. It is a school wide network that allows effortless collaboration. Not only does it have over over 3 million activities in 300 categories, but you can make your own activities for your students. It allows the teacher to create their own web page to post assignments, schedules, calendars, contact information, and your favorite links.

I have enjoyed learning on all three websites. I think I may use each one of them in the future.

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