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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blog Post #6

What did you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

Project Based Learning
In the videos from Anthony Capps and Dr. Strange,
Project Based Learning, Part 1
Project Based Learning, Part 2 
I have learned that students and most parents love PBL. PBL creates opportunities for competition, pride, collaboration, and purpose. It also has been shown to have more students that want to share and reflect. Children learn best when you capture their attention and  get them engaged. Hand on projects can be fun for children.
I have learned that ICurio is a safe way for children to access information, graphs, videos, and pictures to create projects. The information has been pulled and filtered for the students' educational needs. It will also store the information for them. This helps students with organizing their own information into folders.
Discovery Education helps add to your lectures by giving the students things to look at and learn from that goes along with the lesson. If they have things to look along with your lectures, they will most likely attain the information better than just lectures. Discovery Ed covers everything you will need for Science and Social Studies. It helps enrich the students' research skills.
Discovery Ed

In the Anthony-Strange List of Tips for Teachers, Don't Teach Tech Use It, and Additional Thoughts About Lessons videos, I learned that the five key things for teachers to remember are: works not separate from play, it takes hard work to teach, be flexible, get kids engaged, and reflect. Teachers learn in their free time. I also learned that the daily plan is just as important as the year plan, unit plan, or the week plan. Also For most people, collaboration is hard. I think the most important thing that I learned from Anthony Capps, is that we should never limit our students. We should create opportunities for them to be creative. We should get them excited about learning. We should get them to not only learn, but to create and discover new things.
Tips For Teachers, Part 1, Use Tech Don't Teach It, Additional Thoughts Anthony Capps and Dr. John Strange


  1. "It also has showed to have more students want to share and reflect." showed is not grammatically correct in this sentence

    "In the Anthony-Strange List of Tips for Teachers..." Here only the I is the link; therefore, it is hard for your readers to realize that you have a link here.

    Be sure to proofread your blog posts and look at them once you have published them to ensure you have working links.

  2. Great post! I have also learned a lot about Project Based Learning methods through EDM310. Before writing this blog post I had no knowledge of iCurio or Discovery Ed. They will both be very valuable tools in our future as educators. I really like how you stated, "We should create opportunities for them to be creative." I believe that is one of the most important aspects of PBL.