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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blog Post #10

What can we Learn from Mrs. Cassidy?

In the video Little Kids... Big Potential, Mrs. Cassidy's students talk about why they like to blog. They like that people all over the world can read their blogs and leave comments. It is an online portfolio of their work that helps them become better writers. Mrs. Cassidy has told her students to be nice and positive when they blog. You do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. She has also given them tips to keep them safe (also discussed in Cassidy 13 Part 2& 3) on the internet. The students are not allowed to use their last names or post any pictures of themselves. The students are allowed to use the internet in their free time.
Mrs. Cassidy's students have also used Wikis where they will ask what a certain thing is and many people will give them answers. That sounds like a good way to do research or take a poll about something important to you. Her students take videos of what they have learned and are able to post them on their blogs. They also use Skype to communicate with the outside world.

Cassidy 13 Part 1

In the video Cassidy 13 Part 1, Mrs. Cassidy discussed how she started using technology in her classroom.
Her class was given five computers, which would be a center. However, she was unable to use them to benefit the students so she researched and made them usable with her students. She is always adding new things. To start her students blogging, she sent forms home for the parents to sign allowing the students to participate. Then the parents were also allowed to view their child's work online. The kids love to blog. Most children love anything that has to do with technology. The students blogs reflected their writing progress. Teaching today is so much different from when I was in school. Times have changed; technology has come a long way. It is important for teachers to continue to learn so that they can teach the students how to use these tools. It is a good idea to start developing an online network. Twitter is an excellent resource to use to start your PLN. Look for people interested in the same things as yourself. They can help point you in the right direction.

Cassidy 13 Part 2

In the video Cassidy 13 Part 2, Mrs. Cassidy answered the question: where should people start?
If you are interested in videos, use Youtube.
If you are interested in writing then blog. There are so many avenues you can choose depending on what you like to do.
Twitter may seem like it is not worth it from the start but it will get better overtime. People can leave you interesting links and answer your questions.

Cassidy 13 Part 3

In the video Cassidy 13 Part 3, Mrs. Cassidy answered questions from EDM 310 students. She was asked how often do you blog in the classroom? It depends on the number of students and computers available. If the class has rotation, where they go to different centers, then they can blog when they are in the Writing center. If there is a particular day where they all go to the computer lab then their blogging will be limited to that day. Some of the students chose to blog when they were at home also. Another question was how blogging can be used in PE? The teacher can post assignments and can let the students know if practice has changed. A student asked if Mrs. Cassidy had found that it was easier for students to cheat by looking at previous years' blogs. I liked her response, that students looking at past posts is like collaboration. The teacher will have to make assignments different or ask for something more so that students may look at past posts but they must add to it. Another concern was how do you keep the students safe in terms of what they look at on the internet? On Mrs. Cassidy's web page she has a list of links or games that the students are allowed to use. She talks to them about why other things are not good for them to look at. That is what the teacher is there for, to teach them what to do on the internet. I personally hope I get the chance to use blogs and other tools when I become a teacher. It is such a great way to help students with their writing, and creativity. It is also great for them to talk with students all over the world. That is a good way to know what it is like in other countries.

Mrs. Cassidy

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