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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Project #15 Search Engines

Wolfram Alpha
 This is not necessarily a search engine like most of us are used to. It provides knowledge by computing answers. It does not depend on other search engines for knowledge, it's expert level knowledge comes strictly from them. It is best known for computing data and giving specific answers and analyzing data for every search. Wolfram Alpha will also show you exactly how they came about the answer. It also gives all sources and references used to answer the search. I would recommend this sight for anyone in school. Especially if they need help in Math.
Wolfram Alpha

Dogpile was ceated by Infospace and powered by Metasearch technology. It relies on all the top search engines such as Yahoo and Google for it's information. Dogpile looks at all the results, eliminates duplicates, and gives you the best answers for your search. This search engine is great for saving time if you search both Yahoo or Google. 

WebCrawler also uses the top web searches from both Yahoo and Google and other popular search engines. Like other search engines, it provides images, videos, and news. Because it uses multiple search engines for the answers, it gives a variety of answers. It is designed to know the intent of the user's question and give the best results. Overall this site worked for almost anything I was interested in.
This search engine claims that it does not track you. This search engine was created to make results easier to find, This site does not collect or share any information on it's users. Overall this search engine was helpful. I think that children would be willing to use this simply because it is called Duckduckgo.
The search engine Ask, is very informative. It has questions of the day, which is mostly questions you would not think to ask. It gives you a chance to answer them and will tell you if your wrong, and what the correct answer is. This makes this fun and you can learn all kinds of things. Ask ranks in ComScore's top US websites when it comes to traffic. I have used this search engine many times. I would recommend it to anyone. 
Infospace collects data from all the top search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and Ask. This enables them to bring more information to the users. When every search engine brings different results, it can benefit the user to have it all at their fingertips. Dogpile and WebCrawler are all part of Infospace's search engines. This search engine would be good for anyone who has used individual search engines, and has come up empty.
Intelius is a search engine for anyone looking to find someone. If you are looking for a long lost friend or relative, this would be for you. Once you find the person you can choose to pay for records about this person. I'm not sure that I like this site because when I looked up myself, it showed a map to get to my house. In the world we live in, that is scary.
This search engine helps a potential employee find a job in their field. It lists jobs available anywhere or you can choose a specific place. This search engine also lists the top places, jobs, and industries in the USA. This could help anyone when they are deciding which field to go in. This is very resourceful.

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