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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What About EDM310?

I have to admit I was scared going in to EDM310. Actually, I still am to an extent. This class is scary simply because you have so much to do but in less time because it is a summer class. After hearing that we will have to give an additional 16 hours a week to this class makes me want to run and hide. Not because I am not willing to put in the time but because most things that have to do with technology scare me. I have to ask myself if 16 hours will be enough to accomplish every task. If being afraid I will not comprehend most of the tasks in this class is not enough, add to it having to present some of these same projects to the class and that level of fright just went through the roof. Even though I have taken computer classes in the past, I have never attempted most of what will be asked of me in this class. Truthfully, I would not even know where to begin with most of the projects. For that alone I am and will be thankful for the help in the lab. My biggest fear is failure. I do not want to be the only student that does not understand what is being asked of me. For the most part I can figure things out on my own, and I do not mind asking for help. However, this is a summer class and we have less time to do all that is asked of us. I can only look at this situation and think,"I am not the only person that has been asked to do this, and they survived so I can." I do like the idea of learning by actually doing the work compared to memorizing some notes. I do agree with Dr. Strange, in that, that is the best way to learn. What are we most likely going to remember some notes we memorized or the work we actually have to do? For me the more I do something the better I get at it. My biggest fear in this class besides time, is having to present projects to the class. I have never been good at public speaking. My palms will sweat,my body shakes, and on occasions my breathing seems to come to a stop as I try as fast as I can to say what I have to and be done. I know the only way to beat that fear is to actually do more public speaking or in this class presentations. Even though I am scared of what is to come in EDM310, I am looking forward to learning new things.

1 comment:

  1. "...most things that have to do with technology scare me." Why?

    "...I have never attempted most of what will be asked of me in this class." That's what learning is all about. Learning to do things you do not already know how to do!

    "I have never been good at public speaking." Teachers must do that all the time.

    "I am looking forward to learning new things." Great!